Custom rugs are an outstanding addition to every area of your home. They add beauty and durability, with a fantastic lifespan, even in busy spaces. 

One of the most important factors is the carpet binding service. This addition is for beauty and protection when you customize your rug.

Consider these questions and answers about carpet binding

1. Are carpet bindings necessary?
Yes, they are necessary for helping your rugs reach their intended lifespan. Without a proper binding, the custom rug would ravel and need replacing in a short time.

2. What kinds of bindings are there?
The primary types of carpet binding are tape, fabric, thread, and fringing. Some are more basic, serging looks hand-stitched, and fringing is very decorative.

3. How long does it take to bind a rug?
The average turnaround time is one to three weeks, depending on the rug size. This can vary based on the type of binding you choose and the workload ahead of you.

4. How long does binding last?
Every home is different, so a specific answer is hard to offer. But most bindings can last 10 years or more with care.

If you have more questions about the carpet binding process, feel free to ask. Our associates are standing by to ensure your best binding experience.

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