Flooring solutions for your Los Angeles county home

Los Angeles County home and business owners in search of creative flooring solutions might want to consider cork from Linoleum City. This highly durable flooring material is derived from the cork tree and creates a pleasant and comfortable surface for walking or standing. Cork contains a substance that naturally inhibits mold and prevents rotting. In addition to being fire resistant, cork is a reliable insulator that can help to reduce your heating costs.

Choosing cork flooring offers many advantages:

  • Cork can be applied over uneven surfaces
  • Cork can be installed over other types of flooring such as linoleum or hardwood
  • Cork withstands damage from heavy furniture
  • Cork has noise-cancelling effects
  • Cork is biodegradable and environmentally-friendly

Cork flooring can’t be beat

Linoleum city customers love the soft feel of cork flooring under their feet. Its best use is in rooms where children play, and where you like to relax. You should not install this type of flooring in areas like bathrooms, where it could be damaged by water. It is a good choice for rooms in which you want to minimize noise because cork is a good, natural insulator. You can find high-quality flooring made from cork at our family-owned store, centrally located in Los Angeles. We have been serving the needs of businesses and homeowners for more than 75 years. You can see a broad selection of flooring made from cork in our showroom. Stop by today to learn more about the benefits cork flooring, or give us a call.

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